International Study Group on the relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics


First becoming visible internationally at ICME 10 in 2004, in Copenhagen, as the TSG 29, the history of mathematics education has since become a well-established area of research.

The first specialized research conference, entitled “Ongoing Research in the History of Mathematics Education”, held in Garðabær near Reykjavík (Iceland) in 2009, led to a series of such specialized conferences.

We list below these ICHME’s in reverse chronological order. Links to the conference websites are provided when available. Proceedings can be found on conference websites.

ICHME8 Warsaw (Poland), 16-20 september 2024

ICHME7 Mainz (Germany), 19-23 september 2022

ICHME6 Marseille (France), 16-20 september 2019

ICHME5 Utrecht (The Netherlands), 19-22 september 2017

ICHME4 Turin (Italy), 23-26 september 2015

ICHME3 Uppsala (Sweden), 2013

ICHME2 Lisbon (Portugal), 2011

ICHME1 Garðabær (Iceland), 2009