International Study Group on the relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics


In various conferences, there are special sections organized on themes that are of interest to HPM.

We list below the Thematic Working Groups (TWG) at the Congress for the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME), in reverse chronological order. The proceedings of all CERME conferences can be found at .

TWG 12 at CERME 13: History in Mathematics Education (July 2023, Budapest, Hungary) Organizers of the Group: A. Oller-Marcén (Spain, chair), J. Krüger (The Netherlands), B. Smestadt (Norway), O. Đokić (Serbia) & T. Hamann (Germany)

TWG 12 at CERME 12: History in Mathematics Education (Februari 2022, Bolzano, Italy) Organizers of the Group: R. Chorlay (France, chair), A. Oller-Marcén (Spain), J. Krüger (The Netherlands) & T. Hamann (Germany)

TWG 12 at CERME 11: History in Mathematics Education (Februari 2019, Utrecht, the Netherlands) Organizers of the Group: R. Chorlay (France, chair), A. Oller-Marcén (Spain), A. Bernades (Brazil) & T. Hamann (Germany)

TWG 12 at CERME 10: History in Mathematics Education  (February 2017, Dublin, Ireland) Organizers of the Group: R. Chorlay (France, chair), S. Lawrence (UK), K.M. Clark (USA) & K. Gosztonyi (Hungary)

TWG 12 at CERME 9: History in Mathematics Education (February 2015, Prague, Czech Republic)
Organizers of the Group: R. Chorlay (France, chair), U. T. Jankvist (Denmark), K.M. Clark (USA) & J. van Maanen (Netherlands)

WG 12 at CERME 8: History in Mathematics Education (February 2013, Antalya, Turkey)
Organizers of the Group: U. T. Jankvist (Denmark, chair), K.M. Clark (USA), S. Lawrence (UK) & J. van Maanen (The Netherlands)

WG 12 at CERME 7: History in Mathematics Education (February 2011, Rzeszow, Poland)
Organizers of the Group: U. T. Jankvist (Denmark, chair), S. Lawrence (UK), J. van Maanen (The Netherlands), C. Tzanakis (Greece)

WG 15 at CERME 6: Theory and research on the role of history in mathematics education
(Lyon, France, January, 2009)
Organizers of the Group: F. Furinghetti (Italy, chair), J-L. Dorier (France), U. Th. Jankvist (Denmark), J. van Maanen (The Netherlands), C. Tzanakis (Greece)